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  Founded in 2001, Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Inc., is grown up to a high-tech group cooperation that specialized in R&D and manufacturing of the plastic composite pipe and vacuum coating machine.

  Since the day of establishing, Goldstone was focus on developing the innovated composite plastic pipe and solution. With the efforts of a group of experienced experts in plastic industry, Goldstone has successfully developed various products to meet the market, like large size steel reinforced corrugated PE pipe production line, steel wire mesh reinforced PE pipe production line....



New Products

Goldstone's New Milestone-DN3000mm SRPCP pipe production line
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  After years' of research and development, Goldstone has achieved a new height for SRPCP (Steel Reinforced Plastic Corrugated Pipe) development.
  Goldstone’s SRPCP pipe has cost and stiffness advantages in sewage/drainage system, especially in big diameter range. With the success of new machine, SRPCP pipe diameter increased from 2400mm to 3000mm, where the market is usually dominated by plastic spiral pipes technology like Krah or KWH. Compared to the traditional products, Goldstone pipe cost is only 20% and pipe stiffness is over SN8 (62.5psi). Also machine production speed is at least 2 times higher than other pipe making process.

A Professional Car Mirror Sputtering Coating Machine was published by Goldstone Vacuum Tech   
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  Goldstone Vacuum Tech has developed the professional machine for car mirror both the rear view mirror and side mirror. The machine is in minimal size but give you a high output which is professional design for car mirrors. The coating quality is same as the big sputtering machine for architecture glass but the small machine can save big machine investment and energy cost. It is suitable for small and medium mirror factory to produce the OEM spare parts for vehicle.


  1. Glass size max. 800 X 1200, Load 12 pcs of side mirror 250 X 300 mm in one cycle

  2. Sputtering Cathode: 2 targets

  3. Cycle time is about 120-150 seconds

  4. Coated Material: Chrome, Aluminum, Titanium...


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